• 17 Alison Road,
    Wyong NSW 2259
  • 7.00am – 6.00pm
    52 Weeks per year
  • 0 to 3 Years:  $  105.00
    3 to 5 Years:  $ 100.00
  • Morning Tea, Lunch and Afternoon Tea (including breads, seasonal fruit and vegetables). Nappies, Suncream, Milk and a hat upon enrolment.

Welcome to The Beach Early Learning Centre Wyong.

The Beach Early Learning Centre Wyong invites you to a warm and nurturing home away from home. Located in the Old Wyong Court House, it is a beautifully established building with history and wonder. Our Centre encourages children to share their unique sense of identity and agency empowering children to express their sense of self. Supporting a strong sense of identity is our educators’ primary role; to acknowledge and empower children and their families in a nurturing and educational home setting. We believe that both children and educators are capable, competent and active learners, and important contributors to their community. We believe in secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships; we believe children develop a strong sense of belonging which is central to being and becoming. The Beach ELC Wyong, provides 5 nutritious meals a day developed by nutritionists and dietitians and nappies and wipes. Our centre welcomes children ages 6 weeks to 6 years and is Breastfeeding Friendly.

At our centre our age groupings are:

Nursery roomWithin our Nursery Room, we endeavour to create a soft, calming and nurturing environment where our babies have the feeling of safety, security and attachment. Each child is welcomed to sharing their open personal routine, which is followed to support their families. In the Nursery, we provide quality care for children 6 weeks – 2 years, allowing them to develop bonds with our educators through their transition from their home away from home.

Our Toddler Room has a fun and vibrant atmosphere, encouraging children to be themselves. In this room, we develop skills such as toileting training, social and emotional development as well as experiences which allow the Toddlers to role play, create and imagine. Our educators learn through each individual child in providing experiences which foster their needs, interests and capabilities and allow the Toddlers to experience excitement and wonder throughout their day.

Our Preschool Room has so much heritage which once was the old courtroom of the Courthouse. Its features include the judges bench, chandeliers and infrastructure to allow the children to learn the history within the building and community. Our Preschool Room has a Qualified Early childhood Teacher, delivering a curriculum that equips our 3-5 year olds to thrive for their future learning endeavors. Play-based learning within the room, allows our children to explore their learning in all areas as well as revisiting and adding onto their learning.

Brittney, Wyong Director

Welcome To The Beach Early Learning Centre Wyong

My passion within my work is providing children with a soft, calming, and nurturing environment. Empowering children to believe in their capabilities and to take risks within their play is what motivates me. I support a holistic approach and welcome to learning about each individual family and their values. Providing a space that allows a child to feel safe, secure, and supported and the power to be themselves.”

Brittney Connor
Acting Director